High Standard Forklift Training with a Great Value for Money

Our basic aim is to provide our trainees with highest quality industrial forklift training that is going to build your career for you. We are providing our students with:

  • A safe environment to train in.
  • World class experienced instructors.
  • Modern and new equipment.

We believe that the forklift training that we provide should be affordable so it is available for the majority of the people who approach us. We never compromise the quality of our forklift training in any case which makes us the most serious industry machinery operators in the business.

Forklift Training Funding Option on a 0% Interest Rate

We made sure to keep our forklift training super cheap so it is easily affordable by the most of the people who want to take it up as a career. We are always happy to help if in any case you are unable to pay. You can avail our 0% interest rate funding option through which you can train now and pay later.

Basic Forklift Training

The basic forklift training is perfect for those who are new to the subject and want to have an insight to what it’s like operating an industrial forklift. We teach you the ABC of forklift operating so you have a solid understanding of the foundations. We recommend this forklift training for everyone who wants to become a forklift operator and is not familiar with anything related to it.

Refresher Forklift Training

Looking to renew your forklift operating license? You will have to undergo a refresher forklift training to make sure that you have what it takes to continue operating a forklift. Most of the times, companies require their forklift operators to undergo refresher training to ensure the workplace safety and increase profits.

Master Level Forklift Training

This is suitable for people who are well aware of how to operate a forklift and don’t have a professional certification to do so. Our forklift training is tailor made for such people because we only refresher the training in a few hours and you are good to go with your certification in hand.

Job Placements and Employment

Warehouses, manufacturing industries, factories, super stores, you name it; a forklift operator is needed everywhere. Forklift operators are making up to £30,000 per annum with flexible working hours and no work burden. Qualify through forklift training today to find out more about rewarding careers.